Emerald & Critique submissions now open!

The 2024 Emerald Award and Critique service submissions are open.

Washington state publications who are members of WJEA are eligible to submit their publication for the Emerald Award, which is the highest award presented by the state organization. Submissions for the Emerald Award only are $30.

Emerald Awards are judged by a panel of professional journalists. No feedback is provided.

Media programs looking to get comprehensive feedback from critique judges may submit their media to the critique service.  The cost of the critique is $40, which includes the automatic entry into the Emerald Award. This critique is open to any student publication, regardless of WJEA membership. This link will take you to the payment site. You can pay now and submit prior to the deadline.


Please follow the links below to enter each media separately. Also note, yearbooks mailed to critique and/or Emerald are not returned.

Deadline for submission is Monday, June 24. Again, you can pay now and submit prior to the deadline.

Literary Magazine submissions
Emerald Award ONLY submissions(submit here if you ONLY want consideration for the award and NOT A CRITIQUE)
Critique booklets are slated to be returned at the beginning of August. Emerald Award announcements will be made this fall, date to be determined.
Please feel free to contact Sandra Coyer, MJE with any questions: [email protected].