Professional Development

Earn clock hours while fine-tuning or learning new skills. All sessions are virtual and taught by top-notch teachers and yearbook representatives from around the state. Some classes count toward STEM credit hours. Register here.

  • Broadcast Journalism Instruction at a Distance (2 clock hours/STEM)
    This session is designed to help you teach broadcast journalism from a distance. We’ll review the fundamentals of broadcast storytelling and explore how students can tell socially distanced stories using their phones. Find out what worked and didn’t work when I had to teach an “immersive” video journalism class remotely this spring. Then, we’ll dive into how to use Adobe Premiere Rush—Premiere Pro’s younger sibling that requires a lot less computing power. It’s perfect for students’ at-home editing needs and even works on phones.
  • Photojournalism primer for the new-ish publication adviser (2 clock hours/STEM)
    Are you a new adviser in newspaper or yearbook; or just need to brush up on your photojournalism? This session will cover how to make the best use of your equipment to get that perfect shot; whether you’re using a DSLR, pocket camera, or smartphone. Learn what to do before, during, and after a shoot to bring out your students maximum potential in photojournalism; including how to properly edit an image.
  • Skills, Not Scores (2 clock hours)
    Are you teaching skills or is your staff just running around the school gathering quotes? See if this grading scale and rubric could help you determine if your students are actually learning.
  • A Seat at the Table (2 clock hours)
    Covering diversity in your school does not mean telling stories about race. You can tell diverse stories even when your school is not. Learn tips on how to tell stories and recruit a wide range a kids for your staff.
  • An adviser’s guide to journalism competitions (1 clock hour)
    What judges are looking for and how to prepare your students.
  • New adviser Q/A (1 clock hour)
    Ask a panel of seasoned advisers your questions about the challenges unique to advising a student media program. Come away with resources and ideas, including strategies to keep your students engaged and producing journalism during the current virtual reality.
  • An adviser’s guide to teaching Copy Editing and AP Style (2 clock hours)
  • Washington’s New Voices Law: What teachers must know (2 clock hours)
  • Roundtable troubleshooting session for teachers who advise photography for publication (2 clock hours/STEM)