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The official site of the Washington Journalism Education Association

The official site of the Washington Journalism Education Association

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Scholastic Resources

This site is a comprehensive listing of Web-based resources for those involved in scholastic journalism. While some original content is included with this site, most of the site contains links to other Web-based resources of interest specifically to secondary school journalism students, their teachers and media advisers.

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Journalism & DTP Education

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Sample policies, ethics codes and staff job descriptions


Reporting resources

Media about journalists
  • American Journalism Review: AJR’s comprehensive journalism site, featuring articles, resource materials and links to news sites.
  • Associated Collegiate Press: “Trends in College Media” site addresses legal and ethical issues and other trends in college newsrooms.
  • Committee to Protect Journalists: Nonpartisan, nonprofit group founded in 1981 to monitor abuses against the press and promote press freedom worldwide.
  • “Copy Editor” free newsletter, workshop information, job board and links.
  • Journalism Books and Movies: List of books and movies compiled by Indiana University students for “Methods of Teaching Journalism” course.
  • Journalism Movies: Page compiled by Paul Schindler listing movies about journalism.
  • NewsLink: Thousands of links to newspapers, magazines, broadcast and news sites worldwide. 

News services
  • The Associated Press: Portal to the premier wire service’s news, photos and special features; links to Associated Press member papers.
  • AP Wide World Photos: A subsidiary to Associated Press with hundreds of news, sports, entertainment and feature photos added daily to the AP/Wide World Photos collection, it has become the leading news and historical photo archive in the world today.
  • Channel One: Channel One allows students to submit their work. There are daily quizzes and news stories. The site is a spin-off of the newscast.
  • CNN Student News: Daily headlines, news and resources for students.
  • Creators Syndicate: Syndicated newspaper service featuring writers like Ann Landers and Mark Shields. The site categories are opinion, features, and editorial cartoons and comics.
  • Newsmakers Online Photo Service: A part of GettyImages, an online real-time digital news photo service. They provide photography from around the world in digital form for use by newspapers, magazines, Web sites, broadcasters and publishers. Their policy is to provide images you can use at an affordable price without hidden costs.
  • Scripps Howard News Service: For nearly a century, Scripps Howard has provided newspapers coverage of Washington and the world, national and international news, sports, business, entertainment, health, money, science, crime, technology and religion.
  • SportsTicker: SportsTicker is the world’s leading real-time sports news and information service. SportsTicker is the instant sports news and information service of ESPN.
  • United Press International: United Press International pioneered many areas of worldwide news coverage and distribution, striving since 1907 to provide news coverage that is fast, accurate, fair and balanced.

Media membership organizations

Student Press Law & Ethics

For advisers

Online journalism resources


  • Adobe: Adobe Systems Incorporated builds award-winning software solutions for Web and print publishing, including PhotoShop and InDesign.
  • Macromedia: Macromedia enables professional Web developers to create engaging and effective next-generation Web sites in programs including DreamWeaver.
  • Microsoft: A starting site to all programs Microsoft, including Word and Excel.
  • Eclipse Services: A division of Quadrivium, Inc., this site features business software designed especially for college media operations with high staff turnover. Its AdPro system was developed in 1992 for the Daily Pennsylvanian. One in four college daily newspapers, including the Indiana Daily Student, uses this software for tracking display, classified and Internet ads, online classified placement, sales calling and accounts receivable.


  • Washington Journalism Education Association: Provides resources, programs and a summer workshop for high school journalists, teachers and advisers.
  • Radio Rookies: WNYC program that trains young people to use words and sounds to tell true stories about themselves, their community and the world.
  • Scholastic Media Program at Kent State: Helps high school journalists and their advisers. It’s Press Day, summer workshops, weekend short courses, programs at special media sites and regional campuses, distributed learning programs, and things they haven’t even thought of yet.
  • State-by-State High School J-Workshops: Dow Jones Newspaper Fund’s comprehensive listing of high school journalism workshops in a state-by-state list with links to local programs.
  • Student Television Network Camp: Offers training in TV production and broadcast journalism; hosted by Hillcrest High School in Springfield, Mo.
  • Summer Minority Workshops: DJNF listing of summer high school journalism workshops geared toward minority students in a state-by-state list with links to local programs.
  • Youth Radio: Promotes young people’s intellectual, creative, and professional growth through training and access to media.


Digital resources

Films & movies in journalism

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