It’s time to showcase student work as well as get some feedback from critique judges from around the country.

Submit your yearbook, website, newspaper/newsmagazine or broadcast program for critique and/or Emerald Award, which is the highest award presented by WJEA. Submissions must be made by Sept. 20. Emerald Award winners will be announced at J-Day, Nov. 1.

All members of WJEA are eligible to have their student media critiqued. The cost of the critique is $40, payable to the Washington Journalism Education Association. Submission into the critique automatically makes the media eligible for the Emerald Award.

New this year, WJEA is offering a Publication Audit in addition to the critique. This “Super Critique” (which includes submission to Emerald, the standard critique as well as the audit) is open to Washington State publications only and costs $80. Individuals interested in the Super Critique should contact Sandra Coyer ([email protected]).

Publications just wishing to enter the Emerald Award contest need to pay the $30 fee and submit the media the same way as if for critique.

Please follow the links below to enter each publication separately.

Emerald only submission (no critique)

Broadcast critique

Website critique

Yearbook critique

Newspaper/newsmagazine critique


If you are interested in judging/critiquing, please fill out this form. Critique judges are compensated $20 per critique. Yearbook judges, in addition to the compensation, get to keep the books they critique.