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WJEA Project Heritage

Efforts are being made nationally to identify the first high school newspaper in each state. If you know that your school paper holds that distinction in Washington and can verify this historical fact, we would appreciate receiving this information and a copy of that edition.

In addition, we are attempting to complete the history of high school journalism in the state of Wash. and would appreciate a copy of your school’s first newspaper for our archives. The paper will be preserved in its initial form, on microfilm, and online as a PDF file.

Also, if you have published any milestone or special edition issues (9/11, earthquake, anniversary editions …), please send those as well. We would greatly appreciate an early response to this request so that we may progress with our project.

Thank you.

Dorothy Mootafes, WJEA historian
5715 33rd Avenue NE
Seattle, WA 98105

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project heritage