Why become a CJE or MJE?

The WJEA encourages advisers to pursue this program aimed at recognizing journalism educators for professionalism.
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CJE and MJE exams are now taken on computer at the national conventions. Candidates are allowed to use the computer lab to word process their responses. A safe system has been developed to make sure the exams and responses are secure and reliable. A back-up system also has been implemented “just in case.”

Goals of Certification:

  • To promote professionalism in scholastic journalism.
  • To offer national certification to scholastic journalism teachers and advisers.
  • To designate as master teachers educators whose experience and expertise make them outstanding professionals.
  • To recognize educators who possess the education or experience to teach scholastic journalism and advise student publications.
  • To encourage those who are teaching scholastic journalism or advising student publications without an adequate background to increase their knowledge of journalism and to provide a model for their continuing education.
  • To increase the availability of courses and workshops appropriate for the scholastic journalism teacher and adviser.
  • To provide model certification requirements for scholastic journalism teachers in states that do not offer licensing in this field.
  • To improve public and school district perceptions of certified scholastic journalism teachers as professionals.