2018-20 committee chairs

Elected Officers 2018-2020

Anne Hayman, MJE |  [email protected]

Vice President
Teresa Scribner, CJE | [email protected]

Dave Riggs, MJE | [email protected]

Dana Smith | [email protected]

Past President
Sandra Coyer, MJE | [email protected]

Executive Director
Kathy Schrier, MJE | [email protected]

2018-19 Award Committee Chairs

Adviser of the Year
Ted Lockery | [email protected]

Lu Flannery Outstanding Journalist
Kay Locey, CJE | 253-906-7948 | [email protected]

Robin Morris Journalist of the Year
Joy Lessard | 509-607-3079 | [email protected]

Valentine Freedom of Expression
Kathy Schrier, MJE | 206-979-3234 | [email protected] 

Administrator of the Year
Anne Hayman, MJE |  [email protected]

Adviser Scholarships

Anne Ferdinand  | 412-654-9664 | [email protected]

Events/Conferences/Workshop Chairs

Manager: Conferences/Workshops
Vince DeMiero, CJE | 206-931-3154

Summer Student Workshop
Casey Henry | [email protected]

Summer Adviser Workshop 
Kay Locey, CJE   [email protected]

Journalism Day at UW, Seattle
Kathy Schrier, MJE    206-979-3234    [email protected]

Journalism Day at Whitworth, Seattle
Pia Longinotti  509-435-3720   [email protected]


Spring Conference Site 2019
Teresa Scribner, CJE | [email protected]

Spring Write-offs (judging)
Fern Valentine, MJE    253-833-1422    [email protected]

Spring Write-offs (contests)
Casey Henry, CJE 412-654-9664 [email protected]

Spring Conference (sessions)

Standing Committee Chairs
Kathy Schrier, MJE    206-979-3234    [email protected]

Freedom of Expression Task Force
Fern Valentine, MJE    253-833-1422    [email protected]

No Chair

Web Manager
Anne Hayman & Teresa Scribner

WJEA Plaques
Kathy Schrier, MJE    206-979-3234 | [email protected]

JEA Connections
JEA Mentorship Program
Kay Locey    253-906-7948    [email protected]
Joy Lessard [email protected]

Phil Erickson, Helen Orton, Milt Hamilton, Jim Knox, Elna Prael, John Eyres, Merle Kibbe, Eleanor Wallace, Bonnie McDade, Nancy Rudy, Pat Ripley, Walt Snover, Gary Gibson, Dorothy McPhillips, Jack Wilson, Dena Leming, Fern Valentine, Barbara Nilson, Irene Hicks, Sandy Jackson, Toni Pursley, Lucinda Wingard, MaryLee Heslop, Sharyn Mehner, Kathy Schrier, Vince DeMiero, Chris Grasseschi, Sandra Coyer.

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2018-20 committee chairs