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News services

  • The Associated Press: Portal to the premier wire service’s news, photos and special features; links to Associated Press member papers.
  • AP Wide World Photos: A subsidiary to Associated Press with hundreds of news, sports, entertainment and feature photos added daily to the AP/Wide World Photos collection, it has become the leading news and historical photo archive in the world today.
  • Channel One: Channel One allows students to submit their work. There are daily quizzes and news stories. The site is a spin-off of the newscast.
  • CNN Student News: Daily headlines, news and resources for students.
  • Creators Syndicate: Syndicated newspaper service featuring writers like Ann Landers and Mark Shields. The site categories are opinion, features, and editorial cartoons and comics.
  • Newsmakers Online Photo Service: A part of GettyImages, an online real-time digital news photo service. They provide photography from around the world in digital form for use by newspapers, magazines, Web sites, broadcasters and publishers. Their policy is to provide images you can use at an affordable price without hidden costs.
  • Scripps Howard News Service: For nearly a century, Scripps Howard has provided newspapers coverage of Washington and the world, national and international news, sports, business, entertainment, health, money, science, crime, technology and religion.
  • SportsTicker: SportsTicker is the world’s leading real-time sports news and information service. SportsTicker is the instant sports news and information service of ESPN.
  • United Press International: United Press International pioneered many areas of worldwide news coverage and distribution, striving since 1907 to provide news coverage that is fast, accurate, fair and balanced.
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news services