J-Day 2015 – UofW, Seattle Campus

Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015
University of Washington, Seattle Campus
J-Day Registration 2015, UofW Seattle Campus
Plan Ahead! Guide to J-Day 2015

Tentative Schedule:
8 – 9 a.m.– Check-in:  Communications Building Lobby
9:30-10:20 a.m. — Session #1: Choose from 25 topics presented by media professionals
10:30-11:20 a.m. — Session #2: Repeat of Session #1; choose a new topic
11:30-12:20 — Lunch: Choice of campus venues
12:30-1:30 — Keynote, Kane Hall:  Mike Hiestand, Zenger Consulting
1:40-2:30 (optional) — Post keynote discussion topic (TBA) in Kane Hall or Campus Media Tours
Mike_Hiestand_SPLC Keynote – Mike Hiestand, Zenger Consulting Owner and Founder
Mike Hiestand earned a journalism degree from Marquette University and a law degree from Cornell. He was the staff attorney for the nonprofit Student Press Law Center, located just outside Washington, D.C., between 1991-2003 and, as the owner and founder of Zenger Consulting, worked full-time as the Center’s sole consulting attorney until 2012.  He continues to assist student media and work with the SPLC on various special projects affecting the student press community. Over the years, Mr. Hiestand has provided legal assistance to nearly 15,000 high school and college student journalists and their advisers.  Mr. Hiestand has filed friend of the court briefs on various First Amendment and media law issues with appellate courts across the country and before the United States Supreme Court in nearly every significant free speech case affecting youth speech over the past two decades. He work has been recognized by groups including the National Scholastic Press Association, College Media Advisers and the Society for Professional Journalists, and the Washington Journalism Education Association. During the 2013-14 school year, Mr. Hiestand organized and participated in a nationwide civics education bus tour — the Tinker Tour — with Mary Beth Tinker, plaintiff in the landmark 1969 First Amendment Supreme Court case that bears her name, to talk at schools and colleges across the country about the importance of free speech and a free and independent press. The tour traveled nearly 25,000 miles, making over 100 stops while traveling through 41 states and two foreign countries. The Tinker Tour was the 2014 recipient of the Hugh M. Hefner Foundation’s First Amendment Award.In 2015, he was honored as one of Real Speaking Academy’s 2015 Holy Fool’s Day (April 1) fools. The mythologist and writer Joseph Campbell said a “Holy Fool is the most dangerous person on earth” because he or she will say whatever needs to be said, no matter what, to make a difference in the world.

J-Day Parking Information

For general parking information: http://www.washington.edu/facilities/transportation


For your event, “Journalism Day”, you are scheduled to arrive on campus at “8:30” and depart at “2:30”.

You will be dropping-off/picking-up on George Washington Lane and parking on Mason Road.
(Dependent on the number of buses on a given day, there may be a staff person assigned to assist with pedestrian safety.)

•    Enter campus from 45th and 17th/Memorial Way (Main Entrance)
•    Continue down Memorial way, passing the flagpole turnaround, until you reach the bricks
•    Drop-off just before the bricks
•    Continue over the bricks and down the hill and take a left.
•    Turn right onto Steven’s Way
•    Right onto Mason Road

•    Please turn off your engine while loading/unloading due to intake vents nearby. Long term parking is not allowed in this area.
•    When leaving you must make a left had turn.  No right turns from George Washington lane are allowed.  
•    Please do NOT stage on the Bricks!

See link below

Please contact the Transportation Services, Events Office at (206) 616-8710 or via email at specevnt@u.washington.edu if you have any questions or need further assistance with your parking arrangement at the University of Washington, Seattle Campus.

Special Event and Arranged Parking Online Form: https://www.washington.edu/facilities/transportation/special_events
For general parking information: https://www.washington.edu/facilities/transportation
A map of the University of Washington Seattle campus: http://www.washington.edu/maps/
A list of campus gatehouse locations: https://www.washington.edu/facilities/transportation/park
Questions?  Contact Kathy Schrier: wjeaexecutivedirector@gmail.com or 206-979-3234

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