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Crouch emphasizes importance of teaching students to be smart journalists

Sandra Coyer, WJEA

August 3, 2017

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In his speech to a room of advisers at Western Washington University July 29, Bothell High School adviser and WJEA Adviser of the Year Jacob Crouch stressed the importance of journalism in our country as well as the crucial job of journal...


Dave Riggs, WJEA

August 1, 2017

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Dave Riggs Dave Riggs The name of the workshop was “How to cover a tragedy.” A reporter who had covered the Virginia Tech shooting was leading the workshop. Seated in the audience was a diminutive sophomore with long ...

J-Camp 2017 is a wrap

J-Camp 2017 is a wrap

July 30, 2017

Exercise your journalism muscle

Sandra Coyer, WJEA President

July 15, 2017

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Several years ago, I was able to experience the Reynold's Institute during the last year it was around. For one week, I lived in a dorm at Kent State University in Ohio, learned from some of the best journalism teachers out there,...

NOW is the time to get excited


July 11, 2017

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We are two and a half weeks away from the best place to be this summer--the WJEA Summer Workshop on the campus of Western Washington University July 27-30. Registration and check-in starts on Thursday, July 27 at 1 p.m. Students...

Hotel, CTE changes among updates from JEA

May 15, 2016

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 WJEA President Sandra Coyer reports this update from the national Journalism Education Association for WJEA members: JEA has been making several changes recently, some of which directly impact our membership, especially if y...

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