Students should consider joining WAJoSA

Student editors from around the state are eligible to network and connect with other student editors through the newly formed Washington State Journalism Students Association.

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The Washington State Journalism Students Association (WAJoSA) is a board of high school journalists who meet to discuss issues their student publications face, along with potential solutions for those issues. Publications talk about every aspect of student media – from story ideas to designs that have/haven’t worked to fundraising to community engagement and more.


WAJoSA works with WJEA to widen its network of students and to improve student journalism throughout Washington state. WAJoSA believes that journalism is improved when students engage with each other to learn and develop their publications instead of treating journalism as a competition.

For more information, email Marianne Nacanaynay at president.wajosa@gmail.com

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Students should consider joining WAJoSA