Are you a senior who has made a significant contribution to your school’s journalism program?

Then you should apply for the Lu Flannery Outstanding Journalist award!

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WJEA’s Lu Flannery Outstanding Journalist Award recognizes one Washington state senior who has made significant contributions to his/her journalism program.

Entry criteria:

  1. Graduating high school senior
  2. Applicant has made significant contributions to the school’s student media.
  3. 3.0 GPA minimum on a 4.0 scale.
  4. Adviser is a WJEA member.
  5. Letter of nomination from the student’s adviser (no more than three additional letters from teachers, journalism staff peers, administrators or others who can speak to the quality of the student’s work.)
  6. Portfolio submitted electronically online and other application materials emailed directly to

Online portfolio must include:

  • Self-evaluation of applicant’s “journalistic life” (max. 500 words)
  • Three to seven work samples showing quality and diversity.


Emailed materials must include:


Preparing your portfolio

  1. Your portfolio should be submitted online. You may use any online tool to create and share your portfolio. JEA provides a nice YouTube tutorial listing some options. IMPORTANT NOTE: The JEA video refers specifically to the Journalist of the Year portfolio. WJEA’s Lu Flannery portfolio carries somewhat different content requirements. If you are also applying for WJEA’s Journalist of the Year award, make sure the portfolios are separate and the links to each are clear and submitted separately.
  2. Some ideas to help you with the self-evaluation (max 500 words): How do you feel about journalism? How did you get started in journalism? What have you had to go through to achieve success in journalism? What have you contributed to journalism? What are your journalism plans for the future?
  3. Samples of work should be carefully selected. Provide judges with a cross-section of your best work. Date, name of publication and description of relevance should be visible near sample.
  4. If applicable, work samples should show one or more of the following characteristics. Please group and label samples according to what they represent and why they were chosen:
    • Skilled and creative use of media content–writing, production, photography, etc.
    • Inquiry and investigative persistence resulting in in-depth study or studies of issues important to the local high school community, high school students in general, or society.
    • Courageous, responsible handling of controversial issues despite threat or imposition of censorship.
    • Variety of journalistic experience handled in a quality manner.
    • Sustained and commendable work with community media.


Award recognition

  • A panel of local professional journalists and educators evaluate entries.
  • The scholarship of $2,000 goes to one winner.
  • The winner will be announced March 10 during the WJEA Awards Ceremony at Glacier Peak High School at the conclusion of the 2018 WJEA State Conference and Write-off Competition
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