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Exercise your journalism muscle

Teaching journalism is hard, especially if you are a little rusty in the practice itself. WJEA has some new opportunities for its members to gain a new workout.

Sandra Coyer, WJEA President

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Several years ago, I was able to experience the Reynold’s Institute during the last year it was around. For one week, I lived in a dorm at Kent State University in Ohio, learned from some of the best journalism teachers out there, and practiced writing and reporting stories.

The work I produced was rough at first, not Pulitzer-prize winning pieces of journalistic marvel, but the opportunity reminded me of what I love about this profession and the job of a journalist.

I got to experience what it was like for my students.

And I loved it.

We, at WJEA, want to provide our members with the opportunity to practice what we teach our students.

We have changed what is available for Advanced Advisers at the Summer Workshop, providing a Reynolds-like opportunity for those who would be interested.

We would like to also offer advisers in our membership the opportunity to practice journalism year-round.


How, you ask?

By publishing stories through this website to play with the formats prior to teaching them.

All you have to do is e-mail WJEA Vice-President Annie Green ( to have the GoogleDoc “Pitch” sheet shared with you as well as login information to this website where you will be able to log in as a contributor. You will be given the opportunity to pitch ideas as well as get assigned stories and acquire deadlines.


What do you write about?

Share information about what your staff is doing. Take photos and cover them covering breaking news. Do a personality profile of an adviser you meet at J-Day East or J-Day West. Create an infographic on the new Media Arts Standards released by OSPI this past March. The topics are endless.


WJEA Committee Chairs

Individuals who are responsible for or head an established committee are also expected to post both before and after their events in order to keep information on the website current and of value to the membership.


What do I do if I still have questions?

Contact either Green or myself  ( with additional questions.

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Exercise your journalism muscle